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Welcome to Basildon Roofing Services. Our roofing company serve residents in Basildon and the surrounding are of County Essex. All of our roof repair projects in Basildon and neighboring areas can be managed by us through our showroom. We are experts in all aspects of roofing, including commercial and home projects. Our roofing contractors in Basildon have extensive experience in this field, so be rest assured that your roofing needs will be expertly attended to.

We provide high-quality products that are installed according to both British Standards as well as Building Regulations. We offer comprehensive roofing services to Basildon residents and those in neighboring county Essex areas. We partner with respected roofing suppliers and manufacturers to provide a range of services, including home extensions, painting, and decorating, as well as loft conversions.

Basildon Roofing can help you with any type of roofing project, including a completely new tiled roof, a small flat roof that needs to be replaced, or even if you are eco-friendly and plan on using a green roof. Our expertise is in both commercial and domestic roofing. No matter how large or small your project is, Basildon Roofing would love to meet with you so that we can share our knowledge, expertise, and skills. If you are just looking for some guidance, our roofing team will be happy to help you. No one in Basildon can solve your roofing problem if we don't!

Our roof repair and replacement experts are readily available to assist you when you need help. If you are within the area and need roof repairs or replacements, pick up the phone now and give us a call. All our clients have access to a reliable and efficient 24/7 support team.

Here at Basildon Roofing, we specialise in both residential and commercial roofing. Our roofing contractors
offer a wide range of residential roofing from, metal roofs, thatched roofs, flat roofs and many more! No company offers the premium roofing services like Basildon roofing.

The choice of a roofing contractor could make the difference between a good roof and a great one. Basildon Roofing Contractors have a wealth experience and can provide excellent roofing.

Our roofers are able to work to the highest standards thanks to years of training and more experience on the job. Basildon roofing is a top-rated roofing contractor and roofing specialist in the area, offering a first-class service. 

Basildon Roofing installs, replaces and repairs many types of roofing for domestic and commercial clients.

Our roofing company based in Basildon maintain the high standards we set across the whole of Basildon and neighboring county Essex regions. We are able to not only deliver both commercial and residential roofing in the county Essex but we are also a local roofing company that offer very affordable roof replacement costs.

We offer exceptional roofing service and quality at extremely affordable prices for all types of buildings, from small flat-roofed buildings to factories and shops.

We are licensed and insured contractors serving Basildon and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to receive a free estimate on your next roofing job.


What do you get when you combine excellent roofing, professional roofers, and competitive roof repair & replacements costs? Simple, Basildon Roofing.

Basildon Roofing has earned a reputation for being the best roofing company in Basildon, and aspires one day to be the top roofer in the UK. We also offer a variety of other roof services which include, asphalt roofing, flat roofing, lead roofing, gutter repair & installation,
gutter cleaning, chimney repair, green roofs, slate/tiling roofing. We also provide expert waterproofing services, as well as installation and repair of asphalt structures such as steps, basement tanking, or balconies. Have a look at our range of services and give us a call today to speak with our roofing experts. We want to help you and give your roof the high-quality service it deserves. Are you looking for a Basildon roofing contractor? Perhaps you need tiling or some other work completed. Basildon Roofing Pros has all the answers to your roofing problems!

Basildon Roofing provides exceptional customer service, no matter what roofing need you may have. Our roofers make sure that your work is completed within the stipulated time and within your budget.
 You can count on our 24/7 customer support team to help you through any project you have. To ask any questions regarding roofs, please pick up the telephone and don't hesitate to call us today. You could also send us an email and we'll be happy to assist you.

Roof Repair

We understand that roof repairs can be frightening. It's easy to panic about the magnitude of the job because you can't see the root cause. We believe it is essential, to be honest, and do a high-quality job. We will come to your location and examine your problem. We are the premium roofing company in Basildon. You will receive a no-obligation, free quote for your solution. We can solve the immediate problem first, then offer a quote for the long-term solution. We don't feel pressured to do anything, which is why our customer base has grown to trust us.

Conservatory Roof

The cost of replacing a Conservatory roof that has a solid roof depends on its size and design, as well as the choice of a tiled conservatory roof or a combination tiled conservatory roof with roof lights or glazed panels. Basildon Roofing Pros can help you choose the right style of replacement Conservatory roof for your project, and will also provide a quote. Once the necessary components are in place, replacing your Basildon Conservatory Roof will usually take two to three days. You will need to allow extra time to plasterboard and skim the interior before you begin decorating. From gutter cleaning to fitting conservatory roofs, we are the team for the job.


Basildon Roofing Pros are a professional roofing trader who has many years of experience. We are based in Basildon and also serve the surrounding areas of Essex. Basildon Roofing specialises in all aspects of roofing repairs and maintenance. We can do all kinds of roofing work, from tiling and slating to general roofing maintenance, and repairs. No job is too big or small. After completion of each project, you will be sent an invoice. Once paid, you will get a receipt and a guarantee. We get most of our roofing business from repeat customers and recommendations. That is why we are committed to providing excellent customer service. Our code of high standards has earned us trust and confidence. We also provide adjacent roofing services for our customers which include; gutter cleaning, gutter installation, window installation, and many more.

Roof Replacement

We offer a full range of roofing services, including roof replacement. We provide roofing services to Basildon residents and businesses, as well as the surrounding regions of Essex. From eavestrough to roof replacement, we are the team for the job. Our customers work closely with us, providing them with regular updates about the progress of their roofing project from the initial visit to the quotation and schedule of work through to completion. After the roof inspection, you will receive an email with a detailed, well-organised quote and a schedule of work. You can be sure that you are getting the best possible service at a reasonable price.

Our Range Of Services

Slate Roof

Slate Roof

​Basildon Roofing offers professional slate roofing services. We have a team that is highly skilled and knowledgeable in
slate roofing. This allows us to provide your home with efficient and effective slate roofing services.

Slate is a traditional, long-lasting roofing material that's highly suitable for roofing. Slate, like other roofing materials, has been used to cover a wide range of residential properties for many years. There are many types of slate. Our Basildon Roofing contractors can provide you with samples and qualified guidance to help you choose the right roof for your home. They will also be able to give you advice on how to keep it cost-friendly and make it look beautiful.

Asphalt Roof

Asphalt Roof

Basildon Roofing offers asphalt roofing services to its customers. Customers in the surrounding county Essex areas are also able to get asphalt repairs and installation from us. We use mastic asphalt to make the perfect asphalt roof. Our asphalt roofing service is second to none.

The state of your roof will determine how we approach maintaining exceptional asphalt roofing. The roof's age and extent of damage are important factors to consider. While we will offer alternatives when they are possible, our Basildon Roofing experts will most likely recommend roof replacement as the best long-term cost-effective option although verdicts are only subject to physical inspection.

Flat Roof

Flat Roof

Basildon Roofing company are the best flat roofing experts in Basildon. We are able to provide flat roofing services for all types of roofs and have completed large-scale projects across the Basildon region that requires the best workmanship.

Condensation is when warm moist air is brought in contact with cold surfaces. If a flat roof is used, moist warm water rises from below the roof into the roofing fabric. It can condense on the roof decking. A flat roof's success is dependent on preventing this from happening. Our team of professionals have vast experience in this industry so this has helped us to develop effective techniques over the years to reduce the effects of moisture on your flat roofs. From roof replacement to roof repairs, we are here to help. Give us a call today and we will be happy to not only share these techniques with you but also successfully implement them on your roof.

Lead Roof

Lead Roof

Basildon Roofing is the right company to contact if you live in Basildon and want to improve the lifespan of your roof. Due to its strength and durability, lead is an old and ideal roofing material that is used for roof construction and repairs.

There are many sizes and codes for lead. The code refers to the lead's diameter. The codes are numbered starting at 3 and ending with any desired unit of diameter. Our experts can perform many aspects of lead work and siding projects. Basildon Roofing has a lead roofing specialist team and can perform expert lead work, including welding. Our lead roofing specialists maintain high levels of professionalism throughout the entire process. We offer our services at very competitive prices so no need to break the bank to have our team install your premium lead roofs.

Roofing Repairs & Replacement

Roof Repair

Roofing Repairs must be done quickly and efficiently, and our Basildon Roofing team is well-equipped to do so. Basildon Roofing offers professional roofing services for all types of roofs. This includes flat and slate roofs as well as tile and slate roofs.

Our highly skilled team can conduct inspections and determine the source of roof damage and water leaks, and then carry out necessary roof repair. Our team will inspect your roof and clean it before repairing. We carry out asbestos removal as well as dirt and debris removals before proceeding with roofing repairs and maintenance. Broken or slipped slates, ridges, tiles, defective flashings, waterways, and other problems are some of the most common.

After our thorough inspection, our vastly experienced staff will give a decision on the best course of action to take on your roof. If the damages are minor, then roofing repairs would be ideal. However, if the damages to your roof is major then roofing repairs would be inadequate rather a roof placement would be suitable. Do not worry though, our roof replacement team will extensively and accurate fit in the new roof giving your home the stylish and durable exterior it deserves.

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